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Brother Beyond

Brother Beyond was formed in late 1985. The members were Carl Fyshe, Egg White, David White and… Nathan Moore.

David was working for a London publishing company and had heard about me through club promoter Phillip Salon. He came to see me playing at a pub in Fulham. I was at that time singing with my sister in a reggae band from Hertfordshire called ” The Palm Tree Club”. Singing with my older sister Teeda was great fun but I wanted to take music more seriously, so when David suggested I meet songwriter Carl Fyshe I decided that maybe it was time to move on !

We began rehearsing in David and Egg’s mothers front room. It was new and exciting, but it would take us almost 3 years to achieve our first proper hit single.

After 1 year writing songs we eventually got a record contract from EMI. In 1986 our first single “I should have Lied” was released but it failed to make the top 40 singles chart ! We then had 3 more singles that all came close to the magic top 40 position but never cracking it ! The songs were : “Chain Gang Smile”, “Can you Keep a Secret” and “How many Times”. By now EMI was becoming concerned and if the next and 5th single was not a hit we would have been dropped. But, out of nowhere, there was an auction that EMI paid £20’000 to producers Stock Aitken and Waterman to produce a song for one of their acts. EMI suggested The Belle Star’s (a Girl group) but we had previously met Pete, Mike and Matt at their studio’s and they requested if the act could be Brother Beyond !

This was to be our stroke of Luck.

3 months later I was called to their studio and I recorded what was to be our first big hit : “The Harder I Try”. Just before we were about to release it, the bombshell came that Egg White (David’s brother) wanted to leave ! We had toured with top session drummer Steve Alexander and we immediately asked him to join the group. “The Harder I try” eventually hit number two in the summer of 1988 and Brother Beyond had finally made it !

Stock Aitken and Waterman wrote our follow up single, “He ain’t no competition”, which peaked at No6 in the UK charts. Our first album “Get Even” was released and became a big success selling 400’000 copies. Further singles “Be My Twin” (chart position 14) and the reworked “Can you keep a secret” ( N°22) , kept our success moving along with our first nationwide tour.

Unfortunately, Brother Beyond made the classic mistake of thinking they did not need Stock Aitken and Waterman… We wrote the whole of the next album ourselves and “Drive on” bombed totally. Although we did get to position 26 on billboard USA with “The Girl I Used To Know” and promoted it in the states for two months, it didn’t quite happen for us. Then, like many stories in pop, we were quickly dropped, and were really pop history…

Egg White went on in the business to release his own album with vocalist Alice Temple which was critically acclaimed. But he went on to achieve major success as a songwriter and wrote some big hits such “Leave right now” for Will Young.

1991-1994 :

From 1991 (when the band split) till 1994 I pursued some acting classes in America. I had a failed stint on a book show as presenter and on my first days shooting my front tooth broke in half. I performed in the theatre show “A Slice Of Saturday Night” with Daniella Westbrook and released a dance track with stuff and art ! I auditioned for some movies but most things were not working. I worked with several different managers and tried recording solo material but I was proving so tough to get anywhere. Then came along my next stroke of Luck at the ripe old age of 29 !