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I walked into an office to have a juegos de tragamonedas gratis with Mr Clive Banks (then the manager of Simple Minds), but at the same time the manager of Worlds Apart (Garry Wilson) was walking past the onlinr casino echtgeld and caught sight of me. He phoned me the next day and asked me to come back to the same office to have a meeting with him. The next day Garry ( co-creator of the band along with Simon Cowell) asked me to become the lead singer of Worlds Apart ! The then lead singer Aaron Poole was not happy, even though the band had just come off a sold out 26 date tour of Germany. Garry said there was a show in 5 days time so he needed to know immediately if I was interested. He also asked me how old I was, of which I lied and said 26 when I was really 29. He said I looked young for my age so I thought I best not let him see my passport at any cost ! Well… To be in a boy band you have to lie about your age, don’t you???

4 days later I was performing in front of 5000 fans in Germany. The next year was lots of gigs in Germany and continental Europe. We eventually got out of our deal with BMG after they forget to sign me to a record contract 6 months in from joining the group (a bit silly really but in the end best for both parties !). We recorded the Euro dance flavoured track “Baby Come Back” with German dance act Masterboy. This song helped us to sign a deal with EMI Germany and became our first single in the new line up of Cal Cooper, Steve Hart, Schelim Hannan and myself. There actually was 4 people in total that left Worlds Apart from the very first line up. From 1994 we would never release a record in the UK again !