Nathan Singing Live in Paris 26th January 2010

Nathan Moore Stage time Butlins this Saturday – 1.30pm Reds

I want to thank everyone that came to the show in Paris at the Le Gibus, what a great night and it was wonderful to hear us all sing the songs of Worlds Apart, Hopefully there will be some more shows in France this year, again thanks to all who came and see you soon. Nathan

I would also like to congratulate Steve Hart on the arrival of his new baby girl, Ada Bella Hart.


Nathan Moore: Hi Everyone and Welcome to my new site!

On this site you will be able to purchase some Nathan Moore products such as the brand new 2010 Calender, which by the way I am happy to personally sign every copy, and it’s for this reason and to represent my music and acting work that I have launched the site, for the last 12 years Cora and Pop’s at have been the contact point for all things for me personally or questions about Worlds Apart or Brother Beyond, and they have done a great job and I really want to thank them for that,From now on this site will be the new official site and contact point for all things Nathan Moore or Worlds apart, we won’t have the luxury of a French as well as English site but I will do my best, you can get any personal messages to me via my facebook page,and i will be releasing more products on the site sometime next year, so I hope you enjoy the look and layout and will be happy for your feedback.Again a massive thank you to Pop’s and Cora.

I hope you had a lovely Christmas and see you in the New Year.

Nathan Moore