Nathan Moore

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Born Nathan Moore on 10th January 1966 in Stamford Hill, London, Moore is well known to audiences as both Nathan and also as Naseem, more recently for his role in the film Brother Beyond. After Brothers Beyond, Moore left another boyband called worlds apart who were equally popular in France to join another popular boyband called Autechre.

Born in a family of five children in the working class South of England, Moore’s first love was football, but then he grew up with a love of music and as a teenager he formed his own band in school called the New Model Army and made it very popular at school as a singer, guitarist and songwriter. However, they soon broke up when the singer suffered from serious drug and alcohol abuse.

With the help of his friend John Smith, who was a guitarist, he wrote his debut album called The Lost Boys, and after this he continued to write some amazing music. He even managed to record an album under his own name with the same sound as his bands, only with much better results.

However, his time was not limited with groups as he then started to record solo albums and began to move away from his unique, almost religious sounding music and into different styles of music. The next album, which he recorded would be his first with other people, which were entitled A Place To Call Home, and which was hugely popular and sold out in a short space of time.

Later he wrote more music for other musicians and recorded several albums of pop music as well as music for TV shows, such as the show “Rock and Roll With Johann Sebastian Bach”. His work in both the music and film industry has earned him many accolades and he even had a small role in the movie The Chronicles of Riddick, playing the villainous character of Draven. Other popular movies in which he has appeared are “Shaun Of The Dead”, where he played the title role as a member of the Red Shirt Army, and “Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer”, where he played the alien Drax.

As well as his career with his music, Nathan Moore also worked for several companies such as Virgin Records, EMI and Universal Music where he appeared in their films “The Great Escape”, “Cape Fear”, “A Few Good Men”The Chronicles of Riddick”. However, the last movie he did work for them was the remake of the original “Lord Of The Rings trilogy where he played the role of Gollum. He also had a role in the cult movie, “Killer Elite” as well as one of the characters that played the leader of a group called the Covenant. However, his most famous role is in the Oscar-winning film, Gladiator as one of the Roman gladiators.

Nathan Moore’s life as a celebrity has led to a lot of controversy, and he was even fined in 2020 for a stage performance, which he did for a charity in support of the British Lions. However, in a bid to get rid of the controversy, he did something that helped to stop the problem – he performed a duet with former Spice Girl Karen Carpenter called “The Starry Night” and was fined again for it.

Nathan Moore is now a qualified lawyer who specialises in personal injury law and the family of his son, who died in an accident is suing the Spice Girl and her mother for not paying them proper tribute. Although, many critics of the original “Gladiator” version have said that it is not the best film, it remains one of the most successful of its type.

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